The Flooming Menace

In the Beginning

Before and after a wedding.

It all began, not at a cantina, but a spaceport.

The Bad Example had just lost some crew; specifically, the portion of crew that could be described as ‘muscle’. Her captain, the Chadra-fan known as Kannon, as well as those who remained- the fuzzy blue Squib first mate, the ship’s mechanic (who was also Kannen’s sister), and Vista, an angry Shistavanen, were on the lookout for new recruits and perhaps a job or two.

New recruits proved relatively easy to find; a stop at the local cantina found them a pair of ‘soldiers-for-hire’ (a wookiee and a human… or was he a bothan?), and a little later on they came across a Sluissi medic seeking work. They also found themselves taking on a passenger- a young waif of a bothan en route to Coruscant.

They also may or may not have taken part in a shady deal escorting a large amount of illicit substances… as well as a metric buttload of fabric and a few crates of nerf jerky.

A short way into the journey, the crew became aware of a stowaway. Some fuzzy brown kid, one of the locals; one of the locals of a species utterly obsessed with the notion of kidnapping and also there was a good chance he was the kid of some reasonably-well-known-in-local-political-circles folk.

Some said to airlock the kid and be done with it. Some said to carry on to Coruscant and ignore him. The wookiee and the bothan (or was he a human?) raided the liquor cabinet and ended up in a drunken stupor in the cargo hold.

And eventually it was decided to try and get the kid home.

Turns out the ship had already been flagged by local authorities.

Also turns out that the kid had legged it shortly after landing, leaving the crew with a whole heap of accusations to deal with, and next to no way to prove their innocence in the ‘accidental kidnapping’.

They really need to find that damned kid.



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