The Crew

Yeah I know we don’t really need another page for characters, haha, since they have their own tab on the top of the page. Whatever.

Our ship is the Bad Example but I admit I stole that off the fly from another SWRPG group halfway across the internet. Now that we’ve got a little more time and thought up our sleeves if anyone (HEY CAPTAIN) wants to re-think it and pick a better name, I say go right ahead?

And the crew thus far:

Kannon, Captain. A female Chadra-fan.
I can’t remember his name. First Mate? A male Squib.
I can’t remember her name either. Mechanic. Chadra-fan, sister to Kannen.
Vista, angry vagabond. Female Shistavanen. Why do they even keep her around?

Freshly recruited:
A wookiee that had a hilarious name. Rrrrrrrrrl or something. XD
A human that wasn’t really a human, maybe he was a bothan, we don’t really know.
A sluissi medic. Once again, can’t remember name. Gotta find those character sheets.

Kiah, female Bothan.

Temporary stowaways:
That gosh durned hairy kid.

The Crew

The Flooming Menace CaptKannon